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Easy Steps To A Google Friendly Page

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Dear Friend:

If you're anything like me it doesn't matter how many times someone tells you how to do something if you don't know how you just don't know how. BUT if someone shows me (as opposed to tell) the penny drops immediately and I am away and running.


Video Series:

Easy Steps To A Google Friendly Page

Videos Created by Louis Allport

Here's exactly what you get in these sixteen powerful videos:

  • Video One - In this video I'll talk you through the difference of "On Page" and "Off Page" Search Engine Optimization, and how to benefit from both.
  • Video Two - Here I'll show you one simple change you can make to your pages that will make them a lot easier for the search engine spiders to read and understand. The effectiveness of this simple change will surprise you.
  • Video Three - In this video I'll show you how one single element of the page can cost you very dear. You probably don't even consider this when creating a page; most don't. But by overlooking it you're losing a boatload of free traffic.
  • Video Four - Here I'll show you how to boost the search engine relevancy of your pages in literally eleven seconds flat.
  • Video Five - In this video I'll show you how to structure probably the most important section of your whole page. So many people get this wrong, but with this video you'll know better, and will find it much easier to list higher than your competition!
  • Video Six - Here I'll talk you through how to effectively use "hidden tags" in your pages.
  • Video Seven - In this video I'll show you how to easily influence exactly which description text the search engines use for your site.
  • Video Eight - Here I'll talk you through one of the most important HTML elements of your page that will help your search engine rankings greatly.
  • Video Nine - In this video you'll discover how to structure your page text so it's exactly what the search engines are looking for.
  • Video Ten - Here you'll discover how to automatically (and for free) check that you haven't over optimized your page into what search engines consider "spam". I've seen software selling for $100+ (amazing but true) that does this, but I'll reveal where to get the same functionality for free.
  • Video Eleven - In this video you'll discover a clever way to instantly optimize your graphics for the search engines.
  • Video Twelve - Here you'll discover the quick and easy way to optimize all the links on your site for the search engines.
  • Video Thirteen - In this video you'll discover a very little known way to instantly boost the relevancy of your page links.
  • Video Fourteen - Here you'll discover the automatic way to make sure the search engine spiders LOVE your pages.
  • Video Fifteen - In this video I'll show you how to easily avoid one of the biggest pitfalls ... that if you don't fix now will lose you ranking and even get your site banned from the search engines entirely!
  • Video Sixteen - Here you'll discover what NOT to do on your pages if you're serious about free search engine traffic. Many people still use these outdated and downright dangerous tactics on their pages thinking it will help them get more traffic. In fact it does the exact opposite.

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