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 Easy Ways To Maximize Your AdSense Commissions

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If you're anything like me it doesn't matter how many times someone tells you how to do something if you don't know how you just don't know how. BUT if someone shows me (as opposed to tell) the penny drops immediately and I am away and running.

Video Series:

5 Easy Ways To Maximize Your AdSense Commissions

Videos Created by Louis Allport

These ten videos come to a total playing time of 80 minutes. Here's a quick run down of exactly what you get:

  • Video One (4 Minutes) - In this video I reveal probably the easiest way to increase your AdSense clicks immediately.
  • Video Two (10 Minutes) - Here I talk you through how to make simple but vital changes to your web pages if you want to maximize your AdSense commissions.
  • Video Three (12 Minutes) - In this video I talk you through further ways you can structure your website pages to boost your clicks and commissions.
  • Video Four (4 Minutes) - Here I'll show you a little known way to automatically test different AdSense units one against the other to help you find what works best for your site. Important: this tactic doesn't need you to buy, install or use any third party software or services - what I show you is a little known feature of Google that allows you to do automatic split testing for your AdSense units and accurately track the results.
  • Video Five (4 Minutes) - In this video I talk you through how to customize your AdSense units for higher commissions.
  • Video Six (4 Minutes) - Here I reveal a very little known tactic that has been shown to increase AdSense commissions several times over.
  • Video Seven (9 Minutes) - In this video I'll show you how one easy web page formatting option can increase your AdSense clicks many times over.
  • Video Eight (5 Minutes) - Here I'll reveal why not every AdSense click is made equal and why some AdSense clicks are actually losing you profits.
  • Video Nine (23 Minutes) - In this video I talk through a powerful web design "trick" that can save you hours, even days of work and which allows you to optimize your AdSense ad units with just a couple of minutes of work.
  • Video Ten (5 Minutes) - Here I'll reveal an often overlooked but potentially hugely profitable option within your AdSense control panel.


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