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d 1 - How to register a Clickbank account
d 2 - How to register and create a Wordpress blog, and implement a new theme
d 3 - How to add a Paypal payment button to your site
d 4 - How to register a domain name with GoDaddy.com
d 5 - How to add a meta description tag to your html code (for the search engine description)
d 6 - How to set up a simple redirect
d 7 - How to create a MySQL table in cPanel
d 8 - How to install a stat counter to monitor incoming traffic
d 9 - How to check your traffic stats from inside your cPanel (Awstats)
d 10 - How to get and register a Google email account
d 11 - 'Mass pay' your Paydotcom affiliates
d 12 - Paydotcom affiliate setup
d 13 - How to set up a Paydotcom payment page
d 14 - How to embed a YouTube video into your web page
d 15 - Turning your headline into a cool image
d 16 - Producing your Camtasia video in a shareable format
d 17 - How to add an 'Honest E' web seal logo to your web page to enhance your credibility
d 18 - Adding Aweber code to your website page
d 19 - Checking Aweber for correct installation
d 20 - Using Aweber JavaScript
d 21 - How to create a Zip file
d 22 - How to create a PDF file with a free plug-in
d 23 - Managing User ID's and Passwords
d 24 - How to install and set up aMember Pro
d 25 - Speed up your Start Menu with this cool Windows hack
d 26 - How to create and install Audio on your website
d 27 - Discover how to Import and Export your GMail contacts
d 28 - Using Affiliate Elite: Reverse Google Search Feature
d 29 - Creating a Download/Thank You page
d 30 - Snag It Screen Capture Tool Effects
31 - 404 Error Pages
d 32 - Creating Camtasia Callouts
33 - Creating Cool Transition Effects In Camtasia
34 - Clickbank Vendor Cloaking Secrets
35 - Hiding Files On Your Computer
36 - Creating Awesome Text Reflection Effects
37 - Using Zoom and Pan In Camtasia
d 38 - Using Video To Flash Converter
d 39 - Creating a Special VIP Page For Special Affiliates in Paydotcom
40 - 13 Comprehensive Aweber Videos
*New* Just Added!
41 - Creating a Favicon For Your Website
*New* Just Added!
42 - Google Alerts
*New* Just Added!
43 - eBay Pulse
*New* Just Added!
44 - eBay Completed Listings Feature
*New* Just Added!
45 - Facebook Signup
*New* Just Added!
46 - Facebook Ads
*New* Just Added!
47 - Facebook Friends
*New* Just Added!
48 - Facebook Profile
*New* Just Added!
49 - Facebook Classifieds
*New* Just Added!
50 - Paydotcom To Aweber Auto Signup Tactic


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